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Apps Dominate Video Online Consumption Across Seven Markets

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Third party apps dominate the consumption of online video on mobile devices among all participants in the seven Arbitron Mobile based measurement services in the USA, UK, France, Germany, China, Japan, and Indonesia.

While a larger percentage of smartphone panelists across the seven countries uses mobile web browsers to access online video --  87.5 percent via web browsers versus 57.4 percent via apps --  a significant majority of time spent with mobile online video happens on third-party apps.

An average of 88 percent of all online video minutes viewed across the seven panels are accessed via mobile apps such as YouTube; Netflix; and QIYI Video, the leading online video mobile app in China.

Online video consumers in the China smartphone panel (operated by iResearch) spend the most time with mobile video apps --  350.1 minutes each month, followed by mobile videophiles in the United States panel --  230 minutes/month and in Indonesia-181.5 minutes/month.

Across six of the seven Arbitron Mobile-based smartphone panels, YouTube is the leading online video app, used by an average of 51 percent of panelists, ranging from a high of 56 percent in the United States panel to 46 percent in the United Kingdom. The average online video user spends from 101 minutes (Germany) to 170 minutes (Indonesia) per month with the YouTube app.

In the iResearch smartphone panel in China, three apps dominate mobile online video use: QIYI Video -- 20 percent of online video users averaging 266 minutes in the month of February; PPS -- 16 percent of users, 281 minutes/month; and PPTV -- 13.3 percent, 251 minutes.

Online Video Consumption via Mobile Apps or via Mobile Web Browsers

Country App User App Time Spent (minutes per month) Web User Web Time Spent (minutes per month)
China 58.3% 350.1 59.0% 16.6
USA 65.1% 230.0 94.8% 17.0
Indonesia 51.4% 181.5 92.9% 23.9
Japan 56.8% 154.3 84.4% 9.9
France 59.1% 141.1 93.9% 14.7
UK 51.5% 143.0 94.2% 17.2
Germany 59.6% 121.1 93.6% 15.8

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