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Canadian Government Seeking to Boost Competitiveness in Mobile Market

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Canadian government has outlined new measures that stem from a review of the local telecoms market, that the Minister of Industry, Christian Paradis said would increase competition in the market.

The plans could see tighter requirements on the larger mobile networks to provide roaming to their smaller competitors, and reviewing the policy on spectrum licence transfer requests.

There will also be a review of the upcoming 700Mhz spectrum auction to ensure that at least four companies are granted licenses in each of the Canadian provinces.

"Canadian families work hard for their money, and our government wants them to keep more of it," said Minister Paradis. "Through better use of existing cellphone towers and by taking action to promote at least four wireless providers in every region of the country, our government is making it possible for all Canadians to have access to world-class wireless service they can afford, no matter where they live."

The government also released the Commercial Mobile Spectrum Outlook study, ahead of the 700 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions. This study outlines the Government's plan to make spectrum available to meet the consumer demand of a growing digital economy and ensure that Canadians have access to next generation services and technologies.

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