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5-Year Old Boy Spends $2,600 Bill on iPad Games

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A five year old boy managed to spend £1,710 (US$2,600) on his parents iPad after they gave him permission to download a free mobile app.

However, the app also charged for additional services in the so-called Freemium service, and billed the parents at £70 per upgrade. Their son order 19 upgrades for the combat game, such as darts and bombs, all billed at the eye-watering amounts.

Compounding the problem, when iTunes sent an invoice by email to the family the next day they dismissed it as a mistake - until their credit card firm contacted them to discuss the unusual spending pattern.

Apple has since assisted the family in recovering the money from the app developer.

Mr Kitchen, 44, said: "I was livid - not amused at all. But Danny [their son] was very sorry so I couldn't stay mad at him for long."

"I'm relieved that they have said they are going to give us back our money. We had to give them so much information and it's taken three days, but I'm relieved."

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