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Hungarian Court Upholds Annulment of 4th Mobile Operator License

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Hungary's highest court, the K ria has upheld an earlier agreement to cancel the fourth mobile operator license that had been awarded to the state owned MPVI Mobil last year.

Last September, the Budapest court ruled that the regulator, the NMHH had incorrectly allocated radio spectrum to a new state-owned company, MPVI, which had been forbidden by the clauses in the spectrum auction.

The three incumbent mobile networks had objected to the launch of a fourth network - especially one owned by the government.

That ruling was challenged, and now the Kúria has upheld the decision.

However, the Kúria also ruled that the three incumbent networks must stop using the 900Mhz radio spectrum that they won in the same auction, with the networks had not been expecting.

The regulator will now have to retender the licenses.

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