GTI Members Announce Successful TD-LTE/LTE-FDD Global Roaming Trials

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The Global TD LTE Initiative (GTI) has provided an update on global roaming trials between major wireless operators in the USA China and South Korea as key developments in the organization's mission to promote a unified TD FDD LTE market.

GTI includes more than 50 operators around the world, and dozens of technology partners.

The operators involved in the new TD-LTE/LTE-FDD roaming trials included China Mobile (mainland China and Hong Kong), Clearwire (USA), SoftBank (Japan), KT (Korea), and Bharti Airtel (India).

China Mobile recently completed global roaming trials with Korea Telecom and China Mobile Hong Kong, and with Clearwire in both Hong Kong and mainland China. During the remainder of this year, the GTI expects to conduct further roaming trials involving SoftBank, Bhartil Airtel and others as the technical development of TD-LTE/LTE FDD global roaming approaches critical mass.

Based on the China Mobile IPX trial network, the international roaming test between China Mobile's TD-LTE network in China and its partners has provided some initial results. The TD-LTE data roaming testing between the China Mobile in Hong Kong (CMHK) and Clearwire in the United States has been completed successfully. In addition, China Mobile is conducting TD-LTE roaming testing with partners such as India's Bharti, Japan's SoftBank and South Korea's KT.

In 2013, China Mobile will continue to conduct roaming tests of TD-LTE with more international partners.

"Successfully establishing a platform on which to base global LTE roaming has been an important long-term goal for Clearwire and our GTI partners," said Dr. John Saw, Chief Technology Officer of Clearwire. "Building this framework, with the TD-LTE and Band 41 configuration, will accelerate a development cycle that we believe will provide operators around the world significant benefits as the move toward LTE continues. We're proud of our leading role in driving the development of a unified global marketplace for LTE."

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