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12 short stories about the mobile networks

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Armenia's Vivacell MTS is offering unlimited mobile internet access for two years to customers who buy the Android based Hayphone.

Nepal's Ncell says that it has paid outstanding license fees to the regulator totaling Rs 1.6 billion (USD11.4 million).

Albania's Eagle Mobile has enabled overseas recharging of domestic PrePay accounts via the ezetop service, which currently operates in 20 countries.

Afghanistan's Etisalat has announced that it is testing LTE services in the country, although its very long announcement didn't include any actual details about the test network.

Canada's Telus is offering a network monitoring app for smartphones that allows users to report directly any network problems they experience.

Liberia's Cellcom has signed a deal to offer its products and services in Total petrol stations across the country.

Fiji's Vodafone is sponsoring a children's Rugby tournament with a donation of $30,000.

Bahrain's Viva has launched a web based payment portal for paying bills and topping up prepay accounts.

Georgia's MagtiCom suffered a network fault during the peak evening hours that knocked out its billing platform for about 45 minutes.

Madagascar's Telma has announced a $20 million plan to expand its backbone network to the north of the country.

Brazil's Claro has started deploying M2M services supplied by Jasper Wireless.

Germany's Telefonica O2 is making a map of its base stations available to customers with live  coverage and network outage details.

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