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Severely Disabled Man Uses iPad to Communicate with Nurses

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A British man who was left disabled and unable to speak following an attack 20 years ago is now able to communicate using an Apple iPad.

Kevin Beverley from Barnsley is now 55 years old, and communication has consisted of making noises and gestures to get what he wants.

Due to his condition, he regularly attends the Carlton Centre in Barnsley, a service operated by The Disabilities Trust, which in turn is currently investing in some of the latest assistive technology for it's services.

Two iPads have recently been purchased for service users at the centre, and free app called 'Grid Player' was installed on both. Using his thumb Kevin has been able to touch the screen to select the relevant letters to form words.

The amazing result Kevin had a voice to speak with; it is the first time he has been able to communicate with people in an effective manner for well over 20 years. Kevin has now been able to tell the staff about his interests and his likes and dislikes, and by the afternoon he was ordering cups of tea whenever he wanted.

He has also played games on the iPad to encourage his hand eye coordination, and this is the first opportunity given to Kevin to be able to use a computer.

Kevin typed his own message at the end of his first day which simply read; "It is so good to be able to speak again".

Kevin holding his iPad - by The Disabilities Trust

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