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Apple rumoured to be Working on Wrist-Watch Phone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple is reportedly working on a new device based on the wristwatch with a curved screen that would connect with Apple's iOS software.

Although the reports in several newspapers have garnered a lot of attention as a radical product - GSM phones have been available in wristwatch formats for the past decade, with LG offering a 3G model in 2009.

Ericsson has also previously offered a wrist-watch style accessory that acts as a second display and basic control pad for its range of smartphones.

Citing anonymous sources at the company, the New York Times said that the new device will stand out though due to the way the glass curved around the wrist. The design appears to be seeking to make the wrist-phone less bulky than predecessor GSM wrist phones.

The most technically difficult aspect would be developing a touchscreen that would work with a curved glass. Last year Corning said it had created a form of flexible glass that could wrap around a wrist.

Some rumours a couple of years ago had hinted that Apple was working on a curved screen for its iPhone. When that model failed to materialize the rumours faded, but the latest story could be an indication that the company hasn't totally abandoned the project.

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