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Apple Secures Trademark on its Retail Store Layouts

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has secured its latest trademark and now owns the rights to a retail store laid out with long tables in a row.

Any consumer electronics retailer who used long tables can now find themselves accused of infringing an Apple trademark.

As noted by The Register, the US Patent and Trademark office approved the trademark request, which was originally filed in December 2010 for the "distinctive design and layout of a retail store."

Fortunately, for restaurants and clothes stores, the trademark has some limitations - and the retail store must feature "computers, computer software, computer peripherals, mobile phones, consumer electronics and related accessories, and demonstration of products relating thereto"

It is also limited to the colours steel gray and light brown - although quite how those are defined isn't specified, leaving open a potential argument about just how light the grey has to be before it is deemed infringing.

The trademark document helpfully includes a picture of a typical Apple store just in case anyone was unsure of what is being protected.

On the web: Apple Application via The Register

Apple trademarked store layout

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