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US Networks Test Radio Spectrum Sharing with the Department of Defense

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Three of the USA's largest mobile networks have signed a joint deal to test the sharing 95 MHz of radio spectrum that is currently used by Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

This spectrum is located in the 1755 to 1850 MHz spectrum band, which the NTIA has analyzed for potential clearing and sharing opportunities. The networks participating in the trial are AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA.

Over the next couple months, spectrum monitoring, sharing and simulation activities will be conducted within the band to determine whether existing federal use of this spectrum is negatively impacted by the introduction of commercial mobile broadband services in the band, and conversely how the incumbent DoD system would affect mobile broadband services.

Spectrum will be monitored at five DoD-specified locations. The actual sharing of spectrum will be evaluated between low power mobile broadband uplinks (base station receivers) and four uses identified by NTIA, including air combat training systems, aeronautical mobile telemetry, satellite command and control, and small unmanned aerial vehicles.

In a statement, Stacey Black, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Federal Regulatory said that "while clearing spectrum for exclusive commercial licensing must remain the top priority, when that is neither time nor cost effective, AT&T supports exploring sharing arrangements."

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