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T-Mobile USA Trounces AT&T When it Comes to Social Media Responsiveness

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

When it comes to social media responsiveness, telecom brands T Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA crush AT&T, according to the latest report from Socialbakers.

This Prague-based social media analytics company calculates which brands around the world are most and least responsive each quarter. T-Mobile USA comes out first in the US followed by Virgin Mobile USA. At the same time, AT&T clocks in third least responsive.

Also, surprisingly, two of the world's most notable social brands aren't that social at all: Netflix is the least "Socially Devoted" brand of all US brands, with a 4.41% worldwide response rate, and Starbucks, well known for its visibility on social media, is among the least socially devoted brands in the world with a 3.05% worldwide response rate.

Separately, Socialbakers has found that telecom brands around the world -- including Personal Argentina, Safaricom Kenya, Orange Polska, Telia, and Telenor Norge are also standouts when it comes to social media responsiveness. They all rank high on the Socialbakers scale when it comes to answering user questions on Facebook.

"Socially Devoted" brands, according to social media analytics company Socialbakers, are market leaders in their responsiveness. Calculated based on how many questions are answered per quarter, the best brands answer at least 65% of all that they receive. Socialbakers developed the "Socially Devoted" designation in June 2012 as a benchmarking tool for brands in the U.S. and around the world. Beginning in 2013, Socialbakers will also measure interaction on Twitter.

"In recent years there has been a shift away from brands simply seeking to collect the highest number of fans. What is important is how you interact and serve them. There is no point in having a page that offers no value to your fans beyond pushing photos of your products. Your fans will most likely see your posts as spam, hide your feed and then your online marketing efforts are seen by no one. As we continue to measure social media responsiveness, the good news is that we are seeing brands recognize the potential impact of Facebook users and engagement on ROI and brand image," says Jan Rezab , CEO of Socialbakers.


Brands across the web that respond to at least 65% of the user questions submitted to them on Facebook qualify for inclusion in the Socially Devoted list. Among those, to determine the final rankings, the real number of questions ignored is subtracted from the real number of questions answered for each brand. Questions are identified by a question mark at the end of the sentence.

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