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Mobile Operators Slow To Protect Consumers From Bill-Shock

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

According to a survey conducted by roaming services provider, Mach, the majority of mobile operators (62%) have not yet implemented any form of bill shock prevention to protect their customers against unexpectedly high data roaming bills.

Furthermore, only 24% of mobile operators worldwide have a solution that can monitor subscriber data usage habits in real-time, thus complying with the GSMA Data Roaming Transparency Initiative launched last year.

On average, 70% of roamers turn off data roaming while travelling due to the fear of bill-shock. Furthermore, bill disputes resulting from bill-shock cost operators up to 30% of their data roaming revenue, and they have had to pay the wholesale fees to carry that data.

Eliminating the fear of bill-shock and unleashing potential data roamers is the most attractive growth opportunity for mobile operators worldwide. The GSMA's Data Roaming Transparency Initiative is designed to do just that by ensuring that customers are notified in real-time about their data usage while roaming.

Tue From Hermansen, Director, Mobile Data and Advanced Networks, Mach, commented: "Compliancewith the GSMA initiative will only be achieved by thosewho can take proactive steps to ensure customers are notified about their data usage in real-time. As the preferred Bill Shock Prevention provider, Mach gives operators the kind of granular, real-time insight into data usage that they need, playing a vital role in helping them to grow roaming revenues through increased usage and improved customer retention. Operators that fail to implement an effective solution to prevent bill-shock will face unhappy subscribers, increased churn and disputed bills that remain unpaid, directly impacting revenues. Operators who fail to follow the GSMA's initiative on bill-shock may soon find themselves out maneuvered by competitors that prioritise the subscriber experience".

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