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New Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Innovations Improve Hotspot Management

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Ruckus Wireless has introduced two new Smart Wi Fi technologies, SmartWay and BeamFlex , which the company says simplify the administration and improve the performance of mobile devices and traffic over Wi Fi networks.

"Network services devices that have historically been accessible through wired Ethernet connections are now integrating Wi-Fi to provide greater deployment flexibility," said Steve Martin , VP of Engineering for Ruckus Wireless. "For these devices to be accessible by users on Wi-Fi networks, they must advertise themselves. These advertisements, often performed by multicast protocols such as Bonjour or UPnP, create unique challenges that administrators must struggle to solve."

Real Problems that Need Smarter Answers

With the typical use of mobile devices, users don't always hold them perfectly vertical or horizontal. Consequently, Wi-Fi signals are transmitted and received improperly. This causes a signal imbalance between the communication of Wi-Fi access points (APs) and client devices, resulting in the degradation of Wi-Fi performance.

Ruckus says that its new products were specifically developed to solve these problems.

Available immediately, Ruckus BeamFlex+ is supported at no cost in select Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi access points that integrate Ruckus-patented dual-polarized adaptive antenna systems.

Generally available in Q2, Ruckus SmartWay is a new, free software capability supported within the Ruckus ZoneFlex software operating system. SmartWay can currently be tested using existing Ruckus ZoneFlex systems by requesting a simple beta software upgrade.

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