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Digicel Base Stations Modified to Reduce Electricity Consumption

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Digicel Jamaica has deployed a monitoring platform on its base stations that reduces power consumption in areas of low usage.

eVolution Networks says that Digicel deployed its Smart Energy Solution (SES), across its network in Jamaica. SES is fully-automated software that deactivates base stations during low traffic demand, while insuring that subscribers are provided with coverage. 

Digicel began testing SES in early 2012 and last October, fully commissioned SES network-wide. Based on company estimates, SES is expected to save Digicel up to USD1.4 million annually in energy costs, realizing a 23% reduction in RAN energy costs.

As soon as it became operational on the Digicel Jamaica network, SES conducted both a thorough radio coverage analysis, as well as a deep study of typical daily traffic patterns of each existing base station across the network. These two steps allowed the SES to create individual traffic profiles for each base station across Digicel's network as well as to fully understand which stations could be safely deactivated while still maintaining service integrity.

"After more than a year of close collaboration with Digicel Jamaica, in which the value of SES has been proven, we feel confident in our ability to meet the performance and maturity expectations of future customers in markets around the world," said Roy Morad, CEO of eVolution Networks.

Digicel's Network Design Director, Stephen Curran also confirmed that the company is now planning to deploy the platform across its other networks in the Caribbean and Pacific.

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