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US Nuclear research Lab Stripping Out Huawei Network Switches

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A US nuclear weapons research facility has removed Huawei supplied components from network switches due to concerns about national security.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico confirmed in a letter that has been seen by Reuters that it ordered network switches made by China's H3C Technologies. The company is currently owned by Hewlett Packard, but was originally a joint-venture between Huawei and the USA based 3Com.

An attempt by Huawei to buy 3Com in 2008 was blocked by US politicians on grounds of national security. Hewlett Packard bought 3Com in 2010.

The number of switches installed by Los Alamos based on Huawei supplied equipment or whether they were used within classified areas was not revealed in the letter.

The letter says that a network engineer at the nuclear research lab first noticed that H3C network devices were being installed in their IT infrastructure and raised concerns.

They are now in a process of stripping out the equipement.

Huawei has faced persistent accusations of close links to the Chinese military, which is always denies, and while a committee of US politicians warned against dealing with the company, another report by the US White House exonerated it.

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