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Nokia Switches to Faster Memory Chips for Select Smartphones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Nokia phones are now using Phase Change Memory (PCM) instead of conventional NOR and NAND flash memory in some of its recently announced mobile phones.

The PCM technology is being provided by Micron Technology and its key advantage is faster read/write times and is more durable as a memory structure shrinks, allowing for more memory to be crammed into a smaller space.

Micron Technology says that with high-volume shipments of its 45-nanometer (nm), 1Gb PCM-based multichip package (MCP) solution for mobile devices well underway, the company is now sampling a 512Mb PCM plus 512Mb LPDDR2 MCP that offers greater flexibility in terms of application requirements.

The company confirmed that it has been shipping the 1Gb PCM to Nokia, for use in their recently announced phones.

"Nokia has always found ways to provide innovative mobile devices for its customers across the globe, and Micron's PCM for mobile enables us to enhance the performance of Asha smartphones," said Dirk Didascalou, Senior Vice President, Mobiles Phones, Nokia. "Micron is a trusted supplier, and their new technology helps create a strong user experience with a number of feature and performance enhancements."

PCM provides enhanced boot time, simplifies software development and boosts performance with overwrite capability. It also provides very low power consumption and extremely high reliability. Micron's 45nm PCM solution is currently targeted for utilization in mobile phones with a future roadmap aimed at addressing smartphones and media tablets.

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