O2 Censured Over iPhone 5 Launch Adverts

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

UK based O2 has been censured over how it handled launch day deliveries of the latest Apple iPhone after a number of complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority.

O2 were offering two types of service, a pre-order which gauaranteed delivery on the day the phone went on general release, and a standard order, which offered delivery at anytime after that.

Six customers complianed that they were under the impression that their handsets would be delivered on the launch-day, but in fact the customers had mistakenly placed standard delivery orders.

The ASA found that O2's website was confusing and did not make it clear that there were two options -- leaving it open for customers to place standard delivery orders thinking that they were on the priority list.

O2 was ordered to ensure that their ads made clear the distinction between Pre-Orders and Standard Orders in future.

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