Sprint Nextel Said to Be in Talks with Dish Networks

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Sprint Nextel is reported to have held talks with the satellite TV operator Dish Network which could see the two companies collaborate on providing services to each others customers.

The deal, as reported by Bloomberg News would see Sprint Nextel gain access to Dish's unused terrestrial radio spectrum -- if cleared for use by the telecoms regulator -- and each company would then resell each others services.

The deal would give Dish Network access to a mobile service without the cost of building its own network, and also bolster Sprint Nextel's radio spectrum holdings. The two companies also have blocks of spectrum that sit close to each other, making it easier to secure smartphones that can take advantage of the wider contiguous block. 

In a draft proposal, the FCC appears to back a proposal, advanced by Sprint Nextel, calling on Dish to disable 25 percent of its uplink spectrum and impair another 25 percent of that spectrum to accommodate possible future use of neighboring H Block spectrum by Sprint.

Dish has previously declared its intent to launch a wireless business assuming the FCC delivers rules making it economically and technically feasible to do so. That decision is expected later this week, but the company could be driven into a cooperation with Sprint if the regulator sides with Sprint in how the spectrum is refarmed.

Dish's CEO, Joe Clayton declined to discuss talks with Sprint beyond saying, "We speak with everybody."

Any deal between the two companies would also need to be approved by Japan's Softbank, which is currently in the process of buying a majority stake in Sprint Nextel.

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