UK Sports Fans Starting to Seek Wi-Fi Access in Stadiums

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

One in five (19%) of UK respondents to a survey said that they had checked for Wi Fi in a sports venue and 37% of those who have checked said they had used it to go online. The survey clearly shows sports fans' preference for free Wi Fi only 3% of respondents said that they would pay for Wi Fi access at a stadium track.

Interestingly, although the vast majority of the 1,945 respondents in the YouGov SixthSense report said that they would not pay for Wi-Fi to get special content, 11% of those who had visited a venue in the past two years said that they would pay for Wi-Fi to get live commentary, and 12% said they would pay to get real-time replays.

19% agreed with the idea of being able to order and pay for half time refreshments on their mobile devices through Wi-Fi.

Adrian Thirkill, Easynet's UK managing director says: "We need to show fans and event-goers that technology can enhance a visit to a stadium rather than detract from the main event. As the 'second screen' evolves, using a tablet to access information synchronised with an event will become second nature".

Thirkill cites the example of Reflink in rugby at the very basic level, a single station radio available at major matches and international games for £10, on which fans can hear what the officials are saying to the players. Just listening brings the pitch experience to life, gives an insight into the game and helps explain the rules to fans who are new to the sport. This has huge potential to evolve into a visual media-rich experience.

In the U.S., visitors to events including the Super Bowl get a rich, personalised, interactive and collaborative experience and can even order, and pay for, half time refreshments without having to queue.

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