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Chinese student refused a job after attending interview with an iPhone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A Chinese university student seeking employment with a local company was turned down for the job because he owns an Apple iPhone.

Far from being seen as an indication that the owner has worked hard to buy the smartphone, some consider them a symptom of a society where urban parents are inclined to pander to their "little emperors" as they are sometimes referred to in the media.

The fourth year university student Mr. Gao attended the job interview in Changchun city, but the interview was cut short when the employer noticed the iPhone.

The interviewer is reputed to have told Mr Gao that the company does not hire people who own iPhones, and when challenged on this policy, got a lecture on the social attitudes of iPhone users.

He is alleged to have said that "students who have iPhones don't work. Everything you have was bought by your parents. You haven't bought anything by working yourself. You are wealthy and can't stand the stress. Working at our company is tough. It calls for someone who can take the pain and suffering."

Mr Gao took to social media and blogging to tell the story of what happened, and the issue has been picked up by local media.

Although many companies responded saying that they hire staff based on abilities, not smartphone ownership, the term "little emperor" and additional expressions, describing the generation of Chinese singletons are very abundant in the Chinese media. Being over-indulged, lacking self-discipline and having no adaptive capabilities are adjectives which are highly associated with Chinese singletons.

The problem with employers judging attitudes on smartphone ownership may get worse - as Apple's iPhone 5 has gone on pre-sale in the country this week.

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