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Over half of French mobile users multi-screen: changing consumer habits

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

French mobile web users now consume nearly 7.5 hours of media daily 2 hours and 20 minutes are spent on mobile devices and tablets (excluding SMS calls), with only 1 hour and 38 minutes spent watching the TV. The results come from a survey commissioned by InMobi.

The ever-present mobile device is now the primary or exclusive means of going online for 40% of mobile web users in France, stating that mobile devices are "always there" (65%) and "easy to use" (44%). Surprisingly, the research also uncovered 76% of females use their mobile device while in bed versus 65% of men.

Respondents typically use their mobile device in casual settings, throughout the day, this includes:

  • 87% while waiting for something
  • 70% while commuting
  • 58% when spending time with family
  • 28% using their mobile device in the bathroom

The report also reveals that mobile has surpassed TV and other traditional media in terms of time spent consuming media. More than half of mobile web users (68%) are multi-screening on their mobile device while watching TV. The personal nature of smartphones, the multimedia content and features of rich media and HTML5 allow marketers to engage viewers at scale, in an unparalleled manner.

Limvirak Chea, GM France at InMobi comments: "In just three years the always on, always-there nature of mobile devices has seen it over take the PC in consumer consumption of media. The mobile marketing channel presents marketers a vast opportunity to engage with the connected mobile consumer. We will have over 68 million mobile connections in France next year."

Mobile application adoption accelerates

The report also reveals the accelerated usage of apps; 35% of respondents stated they have actively used 6-10 apps in the last days, averaging to 8.4 apps used.

Chea, adds: "The French app market has continued to show strong growth over the last few years; as smartphone penetration continues to increase, mobile consumers are also turning to apps. The breaking dawn for app developers is now upon us; successful app publishers will be those that better understand and engage users, to maximise lifetime value. This will be achieved through real-time analytics into user behaviour."

Mobile commerce driven by mobile advertising

Over half of respondents (66%) have been introduced to something new through mobile advertising. The most popular location 92% of consumers notice mobile ads is through in-app (64%), and in a search engine (41%). Mobile advertising is impacting in-store purchases (29%), with 42% of mobile users making a purchase via their mobile device and 77% downloading an application or visiting the website of an advertiser (53%).

Commerce behaviour is extending past digital goods, and now includes financial and physical purchases.

The study also reveals that 57% have spent money on an activity via mobile, and that 68% of consumer plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months, an 11% increase from today

Chea concludes: "With comfort levels already high with mobile as an advertising platform, engaging consumers in a far deeper way is now a reality. Consumers are now almost always connected on-the-go through mobile devices. In 2013, we will see an increase in cohesive cross channel campaigns across mobile devices and other types of media. Successful campaigns no longer deliver the same message or ad already running on TV, on mobile; for marketers to succeed cross-media campaigns incorporating mobile will deliver high impact, targeted campaigns."

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