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Laptops still dominate sales but demand for tablets double across Southeast Asia

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Convenience, portability, and connectivity take center stage in today's fast pace society where mobile Internet devices such as laptops and tablets continue to see surge in demand and experience exponential growth. In January to September this year, consumers across six key markets in Southeast Asia spent over USD4.72 billion on nearly 8.8 million tablets and laptops, reflecting a substantial growth of 12 percent in value and 26 percent in volume compared to the same period last year.

According to latest GfK Asia retail audit findings across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, the overall worth of the combined laptop and tablet markets in each and every country expanded between 5 to 22 percent with all markets managing to achieve robust double-digit volume growth of up to 37 percent.

"Southeast Asia's laptop and tablet markets will continue to remain buoyant in the coming months with the region's major developing markets being the growth engines," noted Mr. Gerard Tan, account director for digital technology at GfK Asia. "Our findings show that Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are the three biggest markets for such gadgets and collectively consume over 70 percent of the region's sales volume while contributing 67 percent to the overall dollar value."

Consumption of laptops and tablets in the largest market, Indonesia, reached 2.76 million units -- an increase of 37 percent over the last year and collecting revenue totaling nearly USD1.24 billion. Malaysia ranked second in both sales volume and value, thanks to consumers there spending nearly USD1.1 billion on 2 million of these devices. It is worth noting that tablets on the Android operating system (OS) have been dominating the market in both of these countries, with over seven in every ten sold (72%) being an Android tablet.

GfK insights in particular revealed the two increasingly popularity form factors which are rapidly being adopted across the region -- tablets and ultrathin laptops. Sales volume of ultrathin laptops, defined as those which are 2 cm or less in thickness, grew 259 percent over last year while tablet sales more than doubled. To date, tablets make up a third (33%) of the total sales value of the overall market, compared to only 19 percent a year ago.

"Sales of tablets and laptops have concurrently surged across Southeast Asia, both contributing significantly to the growth of the overall market," said Mr. Tan. "It is important to note that both devices have different performance capabilities and functions, as well as serve different purposes -- thus creating an exciting market where manufacturers need to carefully positioning their offerings," highlighted Mr. Tan.

"As economies in the developing markets continue to advance in sophistication and network service providers further expand their coverage to avail easy access to the Internet, we can surely expect the market and performance of tablets to keep on trending upwards." concluded Mr. Tan.

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