TIM Brasil Orders Network Monitoring Service

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Ascom Network Testing says that it has won a contract from TIM Brasil for its TEMS Symphony all in one mobile network benchmarking platform as the baseline for an intiative aimed at ensuring TIM Brasil's network quality of service.

TIM Brasil chose TEMS Symphony for its dual-mode capabilities, which enable simultaneous testing of 2G and 3G services both active on Brazilian GSM and WCDMA mobile networks.

TIM Brasil also makes extensive use of Ascom Network Testing's flagship drive testing solution, TEMS Investigation. Additionally, TIM Brasil also measures network quality of service throughout the network lifecycle using TEMS Pocket, a handheld network testing tool that delivers quality of service measurements from the smartphone users' perspective.

"The TEMS Symphony systems provided a great value to our organization by enabling us to test more frequently, with greater accuracy, a much lower cost basis," said Fernando Renz, Service Quality Assurance Manager for TIM Brasil. "Our first tests of the system enabled us to increase our drive test quantity by a factor of ten, and we look forward to the continued success of the MTP 4 platform to validate the superior quality of the TIM Brasil network from the subscriber's point of view."

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