Chinese Official Accuses US of Cold War Mentality Over Telecoms Security

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.


A Chinese government minister has rejected US security worries about Huawei and ZTE's equipment and operations urging the US President to keep politics and economic issues separate.

China's Commerce Minister Chen Deming said that the security fuss "smacks a little of Cold War mentality,"

A US Intelligence Committee recently recommended that US firms avoid dealing with the two Chinese telecoms vendors after it said it was dissatisfied with their replies to questions about the companies links to the Chinese government.

A separate White House investigation found problems with the companies software, but said that these appeared to be more about deficiencies in the quality of the coding, not deliberate security back-doors for use by Chinese military.

"The U.S. raised the security issue of Huawei and ZTE to the level where they are asking whether the companies have Communist Party cells and what their relations are with the party," Chen said today. "Personally I think this has gone too far."

He suggested that if the Chinese government retaliated by started quizzing US investors on their links to US politicians, there would be chaos.

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