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Pepper-Spray Protection Case for Apple's iPhone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An American start up company has developed a phone case for the Apple iPhone, that includes a pepper spray that can be blasted in the face of attackers.

Developed by a concerned father who wanted it for his daughter to use, the Spraytect case took a year to develop, and boasts "superior quality pepper spray, fine mist aerosols and strong co-polymers making the inconspicuously designed case a thoughtful choice for safety-conscious consumers."

"Spraytect was created from a nurturing desire to protect my daughter. Through our research and development efforts we also found so many practical applications well beyond college campuses," the company founder, and father, Scott McPherson said on the introduction of the new device.

He noted that the active spray ingredients are a proprietary blend of peppers with one of the hottest, habanero pepper, as the main ingredient.

"The added benefit of having a 'kick-stand' on your phone to easily view movies or sit on your desk at a convenient working angle is a fantastic bonus." he added.

A series of scare-mongering press releases have been put out by the company in an effort to convince potential purchasers that the world is deadly and that everyone needs to carry some form of pepper-spray protection with them.

On the web: Spraytect via The Register

Pepper Spray Case in Use

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