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Tribal Chiefs Want 2,000 Cows in Compensation After Base Station Disturbed Shrine

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Two tribal chiefs in Zimbabwe are demanding compensation from a mobile network after they accused it desecrating a tribal shrine during the construction of a base station.

Chief Murinye and Chief Mugabe accused the mobile phone operator of defiling a traditional shrine by exhuming human remains and destroying relics from the shrine.

The two chiefs had tried to seek a civil court order to block the construction of the base station, and are now seeking to have Econet Wireless brought before a Tribal Court to face the accusations.

They want compensation of 2,000 cows to appease the ancestors, whose remains they say were scattered by the workmen.

"We have summoned Econet Wireless to appear before a traditional court on December 5 this year at Chamakondo Traditional Court in Masvingo Central, Chief Shumba, Mr Mugaviri Chikava told local news media.

"We are demanding to be paid 2 000 head of cattle by Econet Wireless and all these cattle should be white in colour," he stated, adding that "Econet Wireless should also buy some special cloths, which we are going to use to appease our ancestors."

Econet Wireless declined to comment on the case, but did accept that human remains were disturbed during the construction.

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