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O2 Drops Ericsson CUDB Following Second Network Outage

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

O2 UK says that it has replaced one of its core components following a network outage last week which affected about 10 percent of its customers.

Without naming the supplier -- although it was later confirmed to be Ericsson -- the mobile network said that it is removing the Central User Database (CUDB), which has suffered two different faults in the last few months.

The company will move to a classic-HLR, also supplied by Ericsson.

In a statement, Derek McManus, O2's Chief Operating Officer said that the company is "not prepared to risk this happening to our customers for a third time and are implementing a proven alternative solution."

O2 will be committing an additional spend of £10 million on this change, and will also continue to invest £1.5m a day on building out and improving the network.

The mobile network is also re-focusing its Service Experience Team to be solely dedicated to ensuring the highest level of customer network experience while they go through this period of investment, culminating in the delivery of its LTE service. Their performance will now be measured on customers' confidence in the network.

He finished by adding that the company "will will not rest until we have cemented the stability of our network and can deliver the level of service customers have come to expect of us over the last ten years."

In a separate statement, Ericsson said that the issue was identified to be related to how the equipment was configured.

"O2 are moving to classic HLR which Ericsson has provided for many years in the network and continues to do so. We continue to work closely with O2 to ensure that service integrity is maintained." the company added.

Updated 15:45: Corrected  earlier headline that the supplier was sacked - they are switching the components, but remain a supplier to the company.

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