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Manchester Revealed as Phone Theft Capital of UK

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Site data released by a mobile phone insurance websites has revealed Manchester to be the phone theft capital of the UK, with more people from the city being victims of mobile phone theft than anywhere else.

The team behind MobileInsurance.co.uk wanted to find out where in the UK the most mobile handset thefts were reported and so delved into site data to find out. Cases from the past 12 months were taken into account and the locations of each claim where a mobile phone theft was involved were analysed.

According to the site data, the top ten phone theft hotspots around the UK, based on where most cases of stolen mobile phones per capita were reported, are as follows:

  1. Manchester
  2. Belfast
  3. Birmingham
  4. Liverpool
  5. London
  6. Glasgow
  7. Cardiff
  8. Portsmouth
  9. Leeds
  10. Sheffield

The cities in which the least number of mobile phone thefts per capita were reported were Oxford, Exeter and York. Site data found that those living in the South were the least likely to have their mobile phone stolen, whilst those inhabiting the North were most at risk.

When looking at the most common ways in which handsets were stolen, based on the claims coming through their website found that the handsets being taken from a bag or pocket was the most common occurrence; whilst nightclubs/bars were the places in which most incidents occurred.

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