Zain Optimises Network With Aircom Testing

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Kuwait based Zain awarded a contract recently to Aircom to provide greater insight through profiling into the performance of its entire network.

Aircom says that it has delivered a three-phase consultancy project to Zain Kuwait that included smartphone-benchmarking, a network audit and inter-operator network benchmarking.

The smartphone benchmarking element of the project was designed to investigate behavioural analysis of how specific devices were impacting Zain's network resources and the quality of the service. Resulting data was used to optimise network resources to accommodate for specific device traits. These included analysis of call type, time usage, call attempts, dropped and blocked call rates.

By collating and processing this data, Aircom was able to make recommendations on how to improve the performance of specific devices on Zain's network. In order to ascertain a complete competitor comparison, Aircom collected measurements by drive and boat testing across the entire country, including its off-shore maritime areas, spanning a total of over 21,800 km. 

In addition, Aircom carried out a complete audit of Zain Kuwait's current network, from the process and procedures used in network planning to a full network performance analysis.

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