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Theme Park Fits Wi-Fi Routers to Donkey Rides

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An Israeli theme park which seeks to recreate what life would have been like 2,000 years ago has decided that it needs some elements of modern life such as Wi Fi coverage.

The Galilee theme park, Kfar Kedem has fitted Wi-Fi routers to the donkeys that offer rides up the hills for those unwilling, or unable to walk.

Menachem Goldberg, the park's general manager, told Time Magazine that tourists asked for Wi-Fi because they wanted to share photos and videos of their holiday.

Goldberg says that they put a Wi-Fi router in the pocket of one donkey's saddle, right on its nape, and that donkey can now support five to seven people browsing the Web.

The theme park has 30 donkeys, and five have been fitted with the Wi-Fi routers.

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Photo by Menachem Goldberg / Kfar Kerem general manager

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