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London Cinema Hires "Ninjas" to Stop Mobile Phone Use During Films

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A UK cinema has found a novel method of deterring people's urge to use their mobile phone during films it has stealthy ninjas in the cinema who swoop on the phone addicts and stop them.

The London based repertory cinema, The Prince Charles which specializes in low-cost cult films is offering free viewing to volunteers willing to don an all-over black stocking outfit and watch out for mobile phone users, as well as other anti-social occurrences.

Gregor Lawson, a co-founder of the company Morphsuits that provides the body-stockings, said that he was inspired to take action by his own experience in the cinema.

"I'm a big fan of going to the cinema, but there's an unspoken code of conduct when you're watching a movie that some people just don't understand," he said "Then when some fans were discussing being ninjas in their Morphsuits on our Facebook page I had a eureka moment. I thought I'd find a cinema and see if we could bring a light hearted taskforce to the aid of movie fans."

The use of mobile phones in cinemas and theatres is a socially controversial one, as even when the phone is set to silent, people sitting nearby complain of being disturbed by the glowing screens.

The reaction from cinema-goers according to the company statement has been supportive. Whether the move would be acceptable in more commercial venues as opposed to a cult arthouse cinema is still to be tested.

On the web: Prince Charles Cinema via Slash Film.

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