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Stolen iPhone ID Codes Came from App Developer, not the FBI

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The release of a batch of Apple iPhone ID codes, which were claimed to have been stolen from a laptop belonging to the FBI, probably came from a mobile app developer instead.

The FBI had already denied that it was the source of the ID codes, and also said that it does not routinely collect such information anyway.

Now, the US based app developer, BlueToad has confirmed that its systems were subjected to a computer hack last week, which resulted in the theft of the Apple codes - known as UDIDs.

BlueToad said that it never collects sensitive information, and as the UDIDs were simply a list of unique ID numbers with no associated information it is not expected that anyone could use them maliciously.

Upon Apple's recommendation several months ago, BlueToad modified its code base to discontinue the practice of reporting UDIDs. They have now also discontinued storing any UDID information sent to their servers by apps that have not yet been updated to the new code base.

The company confirmed that it is cooperating with the police in an investigation into the database hack.

The data was posted onto a hackers website by a group calling itself AntiSec.

On the web: BlueToad

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