Consumer Prices of Telecoms Services in Finland Keep on Falling

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The overall price level of consumer prices of telecoms services in Finland during 2011 sank by almost 10% from the year before a report from the Finnish telecoms regulator Ficora says. The price level has dropped by almost one fifth from 2007.

he price index for telecoms services Ficora formulates each year depicts the overall change in the consumer prices of voice, messaging and data transfer services in the fixed and mobile networks.

In 2011, data transfer in fixed and mobile networks was considerably less expensive for consumers compared to the year before. The prices of data transfer services in the mobile network fell by 14% from the year before, and 15% in the fixed network. The prices have mainly shown downwards trends, although the prices of fixed broadband services have even risen in some years.

40% of the telecoms services consumed by households consisted of data transfer services and 60% consisted of voice and messaging services. There has been hardly any alteration in this share. Instead, the share of data transfer services in the mobile network grew clearly at the cost of fixed network services.
Talking on mobile becomes cheaper - talking on land-line telephone becomes more expensive

The prices of voice and messaging services dropped moderately - more than 6%. The prices of voice and messaging services in the mobile network dropped by almost 8%. The price fall of these services was accelerated from the year before. The price level of fixed network voice services rose by more than 2%.

As in the previous years, the use of fixed-network voice services decreased, which was a significant reason for the risen prices. Only one euro out of ten spent on voice and messaging services was used for voice services in the fixed network.

The price index takes into consideration the general rise of consumer prices, which has contributed to the price fall of telecoms services in real terms.

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