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Illinois 911 Center Selects Exalt for Public Safety Network Communications

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Exalt Communications says that it has won a contract to supply microwave backhaul systems to backhaul 911 voice and data communications among 38 police, fire, and EMS agencies in DuPage County, USA.

Currently, the DuPage Public Safety Communications (DUČ-COMM) network serves more than 800,000 residents of DuPage County and averages over 250,000 phone calls for service per year, almost 700 calls per day.

DU-COMM was created in 1975 to provide centralized communications for the northeast and northwest quadrants of DuPage County as a result of an incident a few years earlier in which a police officer was kidnapped and murdered by a group who had just committed an armed robbery. The officer, who was unaware of the robbery, stopped their vehicle for a routine traffic violation and radioed to his dispatcher but, because of channel congestion, the dispatcher never heard his call. As a direct result of this tragic incident, local, state, and federal government agencies worked together to design and create smaller radio networks to mitigate traffic congestion.

DU-COMM selected Exalt's 4.9 GHz all-outdoor and 11 GHz split-mount systems, and DU-COMM has plans to expand the use of the Exalt systems to eventually replace its legacy phone lines completely.

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