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AT&T Sued for Failure to Block Stolen Smartphones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based AT&T is facing a potential class action lawsuit which accuses the company of profiteering from cellphone theft.

The lawsuit alleges that the mobile network operator's failure to block stolen handsets from being used on its network enabled it to make " millions of dollars in improper profits" as the stolen handsets were reconnected using a different SIM card.

Hilary White and two other named plaintiffs have sued AT&T for conspiracy, fraud, breach of contract, accessory to theft, unfair trade and other charges.

The network does block stolen handsets now via the IMEI serial number, and the networks collectively agreed this week to set up a shared database of blocked IMEIs. In a separate move, a law is proposed that would make changing the IMEI illegal - as at the moment, it is both legal, and usually simple to give the handset a fake serial number.

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