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AT&T to Start Unlocking Apple iPhones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based AT&T has started offering an unlocking service for iPhone smartphones sold for use on its network marking the first time the mobile network has officially sanctioned such activity.

Until recently, the only way to unlock an iPhone sold by AT&T so that it would work on another network was via the "jailbreak" method, which was unauthorised by Apple and prone to occasion reversals when software updates were applied.

Apple iPhone users who want to unlock their handset will have had to have completed their contract term - typically 2 years - and have an account that has no arrears or debts on it.

Early termination fees are being applied to handsets where the customer is still within their initial contract.

The unlocked iPhones can then be used on the T-Mobile USA network - albeit at slower data speeds, or overseas. They wont work on other networks which are CDMA based instead of GSM/WCMDA.

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