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Vietnam to Impose Limit on SIM Card Ownership

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Vietnam is looking to impose a limit of 3 SIM cards per person per network in a move that may help cut down the massive churn rate in the country and lead to more accurate reporting of subscriber numbers.

Despite the limit, each person would still theoretically be able to own up to 18 SIM cards - 3 per each of the six mobile networks.

The limit is part of a draft circular from the Ministry of Information and Communications and is still waiting to be imposed formally. The government recently clamped down on loss-leading promotions to try and calm the fiercely competitive market.

The networks oppose the limit, claiming that demand for multiple SIM cards is higher. MobiFone cited machine-to-machine services and mobile broadband modems as one reason why a person could need multiple SIM cards.

The draft plans also impose a limit of 100 SIM Cards on corporate users to cut down on reselling of the cards later.

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