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Lebara Mobile Upgrade Billing Platform to Reduce Revenue Loses

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Aricent says that it has completed an eight week mediation and revenue assurance implementation for the MVNO, Lebara Mobile.

With a multi-operator, multi-vendor environment across seven countries, Lebara Mobile faced major challenges in accessing reliable, actionable data for monitoring and charging of services. This was particularly difficult in countries where they did not have their own Intelligent Network systems within the operator environment.

Aricent implemented an integrated solution, combining its own frameworks with partner solutions to improve revenue management, streamline rating and mediation in order to create a reliable, scalable BSS environment. The new environment centrally automates rating of call data records (CDRs) per subscriber rate plans from across all seven countries, while interfacing with network elements for CDR collection and the business applications database.

"Revenue assurance is a major challenge for MVNOs," said Neeraj Vyas, Vice President, Carrier Services & Solutions, Aricent Group. "Estimates put revenue leakage between five and 15 percent of total revenue. As many MVNOs operate on tight profit margins, the right revenue assurance and BSS infrastructure can mean the difference between growth and stagnation."

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