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Three Networks Bid for Swiss Radio Spectrum

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Switzerland's three mobile networks have bought additional radio spectrum in an auction carried out by the Federal Communication Commission (ComCom).

On behalf of ComCom, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) auctioned the currently free mobile radio frequencies and those which will become free by 2014 and 2017 respectively, including those of the so-called digital dividend (former broadcasting frequencies).

The companies Orange, Sunrise, Swisscom and In&Phone had applied to take part in the auction. In&Phone did not satisfy the admission criteria and was therefore not allowed to participate in the auction. The auction lasted for a total of 13 days and was conducted using an electronic auction system.

The licences will be awarded in a technology-neutral manner and are valid until the end of 2028.

Frequency Band Orange Sunrise Swisscom
800Mhz 20 MHz 20 MHz 20 MHz
900Mhz 10 MHz 30 MHz 30 MHz
1800Mhz 50 MHz 40 MHz 60 MHz
2.1Ghz FDD 40 MHz 20 MHz 60 MHz
2.1Ghz TDD 0 0 0
2.6Ghz FDD 40 MHz 50 MHz 40 MHz
2.6Ghz TDD 0 0 45 MHz
Price Paid USD169.6 million USD528 million USD394.5 million

Worth noting that the 800Mhz blocks come into use during 2013. Some of the 900/1800/2.1Ghz spectrum can be used immediately, with the rest being released between 2015-17.

The 2.6Ghz spectrum is available immediately.

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