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Three US Mobile Networks Sued for Patent Infringement

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Patent holding company, Intellectual Ventures has launched a raft of lawsuits against AT&T, T Mobile USA and Sprint Nextel accusing them of infringing its patents.

Intellectual Ventures, which owns around 35,000 patents claims that the three mobile networks have infringed 15 of its patents.

The patents in question related to technologies used for sending messages between mobile phones and blocking services over a telecom network.

The company says that it tried to settle the dispute with the networks but was unable to do so and has turned to seek legal action instead.

Intellectual Ventures is a private company but is backed by a large number of technology firms, including Google.

Intellectual Ventures was founded in 2000 by Nathan Myhrvold and Edward Jung of Microsoft as a private partnership. It lists Peter Detkin of Intel, and Gregory Gorder of Perkins Coie, a Seattle-based law firm as co-founders.

The company only starting openly suing other company late in 2010, although it has been alleged that the company has filed lawsuits in the past using shell companies to conceal its identity.

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