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Nokia's Symbian Still Dominates Czech Smartphone Market

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Telef nica Czech Republic has found that smartphones have doubled their market share on its network over the past two years, and now represent 20% of all handsets used on the mobile network.

"Between 2009 and 2010, the share of smart handsets in the O2 network increased by 51 percent, and this year the number is likely to be similar. In November, the year over year increase was almost 40 percent, however, we expect the Christmas market to move the number closer to the last year's value," says Jirí Dvorjancanský, marketing director of Telefónica Czech Republic, and he adds: "Smart handsets are clearly dominating our sales today".

The most frequently used smart handset is Nokia equipped with Symbian operating system that has approximately 60 percent market share.

The share of Android, which has the second largest share, is growing every month and is close to 20 percent at the moment. Apple iOS has gradually made it to the third place and is about 3.2 percentage points higher than Microsoft systems. Operating system BlackBerry with 3.3 percent market share is on the fifth position. The share of all the other operating systems is around 1.6 percent now.

Share of operating systems used in smart handsets within the O2 network

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