British Telecom Sues Google for Android Patent Infringement

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

UK based landline operator British Telecom is suing Google over alleged patent infringement in its Android smartphone operating system.

As one of the older telcos with a substantial R&D facility, BT has a vast array of patents -- estimated at over 10,000 -- and a decade ago, tried to enforce a patent on the hyperlink. It failed that time.

BT is claiming infringement of six patents, which cover services offered by Google Maps, Google Music, location-based advertising and the Android Market.

BT is claiming that the infringement was a deliberate act, and is seeking a trebling of the potential damages awarded as allowed in US law.

The lawsuit has been filed in the USA, and could be expanded to Europe later. Some of the patents also appear to be sufficiently generic as to affect other smartphone platforms, such as Apple and Windows Phone, assuming those vendors haven't already secured licenses.

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