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Digicel Wins Court Battle to Provide Long Distance Phone Services

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Digicel says that it has won a legal battle in Bermuda and can now offer long distance phone services via its Transact subsidiary.

The company had been sued by rivals who claimed that the takeover of Transact did not entitle Digicel to resell the Transact phone services.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice agreed with the position advanced by Digicel that the provision of international services by Digicel and Transact enjoys the presumption of legality. Digicel is now free to provide international long distance services to the people of Bermuda.

Digicel said that it is very mindful of the controversy that has engulfed this matter over the past weeks and is anxious to engage with the relevant Ministries and authorities to resolve all matters at issue expeditiously.

Digicel and Transact expect to be in a position to make a public announcement in respect of the provision of international long distance to all residents of Bermuda in early course.

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