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Digicel Wins Bermuda Legal Action Over Long Distance Phone Services

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Bermuda's Supreme Court has ruled in favour of Digicel in response to allegations that the mobile network is illegally offering long distance services.

Digicel says that it was totally successful in defending the right of Transact to offer a long distance telephone service to customers in Bermuda in competition with TBI and LinkBermuda. The judge accepted that Digicel was entitled to market this service under the Digicel brand name.

Specifically regarding TBI's injunction against Digicel -- which would have prevented Digicel from carrying long distance traffic to Digicel Bermuda customers -- this injunction has failed. It is Digicel's view that the application was wholly misconceived and constituted an abuse of process.

After the judgment was given, a separate application was been made by Digicel/Transact for an injunction compelling CellOne to provide its customers with interconnection to the Digicel network so that Cellone customers may subscribe for the Digicel/Transact service.

This application was successful and seven days from today, CellOne must start the process of interconnection unless the relevant Ministers apply to the Court objecting.

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