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iPhone 4S to Show 4G Symbol when Offering 3G Speeds

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Although the latest iPhone model is limited to 3G speeds, it is reported that AT&T has agreed with Apple that the network indicator will show 4G when connected to its HSPA network.

The phone is limited to a maximum download speed of 14.4Mbps, and 5.8 Mbps upload -- both of which are the upper limit for standard HSPA services, and below the accepted level for HSPA+, which was reluctantly accepted by the ITU last year as being a 4G service.

Although not confirmed, it is reported by various sources that the phone does contain a HSPA+ chipset, but that it doesn't support the full download speeds normally associated with the service.

According to a report by ThisIsMyNext, citing an AT&T spokesperson, the company will rollout an OS update to the factory supplied software so that the phone displays a 4G symbol when in HSPA+ coverage -- even though arguably it is falling far short of what most people would consider to be 4G speeds.

AT&T told the website that the companies are indeed "working together" on it, emphasizing that "customers will get 4G speeds from day one" regardless.

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