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Apple Worried that Samsung Tablet Could Seduce its iPad Customers

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has effectively admitted in an Australian court that Samsung's Android based tablet is so good that sales of its iPad tablet would be seriously affected if Samsung were to be permitted in the country.

There is currently a temporary injunction against the sales of the Samsung Tab, agreed between the two companies pending a patent and design lawsuit. Apple claims that the Samsung Tab looks too similar to its own iPad, and that it infringes its patents.

According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple fears the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will launch on to the market "with the velocity of a fire hose" and "take away iPad 2 sales so quickly" that customers may be permanently "seduced" away from Apple's iOS platform

Samsung has requested sales data showing the effect Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales have had on iPad 2 sales in other countries. Apple has refused and Justice Bennett has sided with Apple in this matter, leaving open the reality of Apple's concerns about the sales impact.

Apple also stated in court that they are more concerned about the impact of Samsung's tablets than any other Android based tablet on the market.

Samsung's response is that consumers are likely to be comparing Android against Android, and are unlikely to compare its tablet directly with Apple's. While a percentage of consumers will just be after a tablet, any tablet - there is a strong Apple fanbase that will never consider buying anything other than an Apple product, supporting Samsung's argument.

"People will choose either to stick to Apple because you like Apple and you like the operating system and you like the link to iTunes and so on. Or you want a completely different system and you'll move in the direction of Android," Samsung's lawyer said.

Apple also raised concerns that every Galaxy Tab sold would cost it future app sales as the users would become "Android people", suggesting that they feel the OS is the source of strong product loyalty - which is a reasonably concept to take from Apple's perspective with its strongly loyal customer base.

Apple is seeking to expedite the case and have a full hearing in November.

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