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Tecore Reveals Details of Assistance to Libyan Liberation Effort

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Tecore revealed today that is has been supplying the Libyan liberation effort with telecommunications equipment and the necessary training over the past few months. Tecore says that it started assisting the liberation effort in April of 2011 after the wireless networks were cut, and signals jammed, in the regions where the rebels had a stronghold.

Libyan-American humanitarian aid coordinator, Ousama Abushagur, reached out to Tecore after his requests for assistance were turned down by the company that had provided the telecommunications infrastructure for Gaddafi.

"When I reached out to the original supplier of the network for assistance to help control certain areas, they refused," said Abushagur. Tecore, through a third-party contractor, deployed their Core Network and Intelligent Network equipment. The team also provided Libyan engineers with the necessary training to setup and manage the equipment. Soon thereafter, the rapidly deployed system was providing one million mobile subscribers in Benghazi, the rebels' major stronghold, with wireless capabilities.

While information of this operation was leaked to the press, Tecore says that it refrained from acknowledging any details in order to ensure the overall success of the mission.

And as of last week, another liberated city, Misrata, has its own network up and running using Tecore equipment.

"As a Libyan-American, it brings me great joy that an American company comes to the aid of the Libyan people when they were in the direst of situations," commented Mr. Abushagur. "Communications is one of the main pillars of logistic coordination. Prior to the installation of the Tecore equipment, the rebels were sadly forced to revert to basic and primitive communication tactics," he added.

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