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Man Arrested After Refusing to Switch Off Cell Phone on an Aircraft

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A passenger on a US Southwest Airlines flight was arrested when the plane landed after he refused to switch off his cell phone when asked to.

According to a local media report, an altercation broke out as the plane was coming into land at El Paso, Texas and he was asked by staff on the plane to turn off the phone. After refusing to comply, the unnamed passenger was detained.

He was met by police when the plane arrived at the airport, and police interviewed the other passengers who witnessed the dispute.

Although the use of mobile phones on planes is a contentious issue, their use during landing and takeoff poses a higher risk to the plane. If a phone were to interfere with the plane's systems, then there is less time for the plane to recover from the interference before hitting the ground. For that reason, while phone use during flight might be relaxed, their use when close to the ground is more serious.

On the web: El Paso Times

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