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Airspan Networks SHows Off Compact WiMAX Base Station

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Airspan Networks has announced the launch of a compact WIMAX base station. The company said that the Air4Gs is designed to address the connectivity needs of rural and low population density applications, as well as filling in coverage on the edge of an urban service area.

Similar in architecture to the flagship, macro Air4G base station, Air4Gs complements the current Airspan 4G product portfolio, matching the traffic demands of customer networks.

Air4Gs, weighs 10 kg/23 lb, harnesses features such as fractional frequency reuse and all-in-one/all-outdoor architecture, packed into a small 2 transmitter/2 receiver (2Tx/2Rx) platform. It has been designed to operate in standalone mode, requiring no ASN-Gateway.

"Air4Gs offers uncompromised performance with a unique combination of power and affordability," commented Amit Ancikovsky, President of Products and Sales for Airspan. "There are certain deployment scenarios that simply do not need the power of a macro base station but still need range and capacity. Air4Gs offers this at a moderate price point to help operators meet their business models. Our goal is to continue to develop products that enable our customers to deploy flexible solutions that maximize their efficiency and minimize their expenses."

The new product operates in the 1.4, 2.x, and 3.x GHz frequency bands and is FCC certified to operate in the full 50 MHz of the 3.65 band in the USA.

The company added that a LTE version of the product is currently being developed.

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