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Fiji Enables Payment of Criminal Fines by Mobile Phone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Fiji's Judicial Department is to allow the payment of traffic and criminal fines imposed by the courts through Vodafone's M PAiSA mobile payment service. This follows the testing of making court ordered maintenance payments available as credits to the recipients mobile phone.

In early July about five recipients opted for the maintenance payment by way of M-PAiSA. This number has grown steadily in the last couple of weeks with 30 recipients opting to receive their maintenance payment by way of M-PAiSA.

One of the ladies, Ms Shalini Lata who received payment via M-PAiSA said, "We were briefed on the M-PAiSA service by Vodafone about two months back. Some of us made the decision to receive payment on our phone through M-PAiSA because we did not want to come and wait at the court house whole day to be told that the payment was not available."

The success of maintenance payment has prompted the judicial department to open M-PAiSA payment option to pay traffic and criminal fines imposed by any Court.

The Chief Registrar with the High Court Ms Irani Wakishta Arachchi who has been instrumental in pushing for this electronic mode of payment through the mobile phones said, initially they had a bit of resistance internally. However, once the staff realized how simple and easy it was for them to make payments through M-PAiSA and at the same time provide a very transparent and clear audit trail, they have quickly embraced the M-PAiSA system.

In addition, ppayments made through M-PAiSA provides double record keeping with payment records maintained in the Vodafone M-PAiSA system as well as the Court House keeping its own records. In the case of missing records or payment being disputed, M-PAiSA can always pull up a back up electronic record as proof of payment.

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